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Known for her cut to the chase approach, Team Captain style (works alongside, not in front of you) and love of puns and alliteration, Dianna Hansen has 24 years experience guiding nonprofits and businesses to energize their marketing media, so more people will click their calls-to-action, buy from and support them.

Under her guidance, nonprofit and business leaders "re-ignite their own fire" (her words) with words and images in their marketing media that move more people to buy from or support them. Dianna states "I am thrilled to watch business owners and organizational leaders become confident in their abilities to present clearly and then experience positive results in gaining customers and support."

In addition to guiding words and clear messages, Dianna captures, converts and edits video and photos for promotional, instructional or personal display. She designs websites, digital and print publications and keynote or video presentations for campaigns and events. She calls herself a Message-Photo/Videographer who captures images and video to "speak" a clear message.

What this means to you: She can capture new or improve existing photos and video for your marketing media.

Dianna attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY and a previous Bachelor of Science in Education from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. She has executive training in copywriting, public speaking, fundraising and emotional intelligence.

Regarded as a "secret weapon" for her clients, Dianna shares her portfolio upon request and after permission from her clients.

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